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Last Sunday, we learned about the difficulty and the importance of listening. We learned how boy Samuel and priest Eli had a difficult time listening to God. Samuel also needed lots of courage and the encouragement of Eli in order to speak what he had heard from God.
Today, we are going to learn about “speaking.” Just like we struggle with “listening,” we are struggling with “speaking.” Speaking the Word of God can be difficult too. But it is so important to speak since God has called to share His Words. This morning, we’re going to explore the Book of Jonah and the Gospel of John. Today’s text begins like this, “The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time . . .” (Jonah 3:1). The word “a second time” got my attention when I was reading this Bible verse. Why did God speak to Jonah a second time? How come Jonah had to hear the same message from God twice? After I thought about a little while, I found an answer. I got this answer from our daily life. Why do we have to say same thing over and over again to our children, it is because they do not listen. Why do we bother to take time to make announcements during the service? Simple, it is because we do not pay attention even though it is printed in our bulletin and are running a slideshow before the church service. Wow! I felt like I had found a great secret after I had realized this.


Although we all know how important it is to listen, it is still challenge for many people. I don’t know what makes us so difficult to listen. Most people like to talk rather than listening. I guess that it may be “listening’ sounds so passive while talking makes us feel in being control or more powerful. Listening is important in all human relationships (between husband and wife, parent and children, teacher and student; employer and employee; military commander and soldier. . . etc). “Listening” of course is a critical part in our faith journey. It is important to listen to God. In fact, God’s voice is the most important voice in the whole universe. But unfortunately, many people do not hear his voice well for various reasons. Today, I am going to introduce two people who had difficulty listening and recognizing God’s voice. They are boy Samuel and priest Eli. On this 2nd Sunday of the new year, I’d like to share God’s message with a sermon entitled, “Listen.” Through this message, I’d like to help you become better listener individually and also as a congregation. Let us take a look at today’s text.

They Shall Name Him Emmanuel!

Today is the 4th Sunday of Advent. On this morning, we lit the candle of LOVE. Here is the first verse of the Hymn, Love Came Down at
Christmas: “Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, Love divine;  Love was born at Christmas, Star and angels gave the sign.”

Since love is so important, every one talk about it all the time in many different forms. Elvis Presley sang a song called, Love Me Tender. Have you heard this song before?

Love me tender
Love me sweet
Never let me go

You have made my life complete
And I love you so
Love me tender
Love me true
All my dreams fulfilled
For my darling I love you
And I always will

Many people throughout human history have expressed their thirst for “LOVE” through books, movies, poems, music, and dances. Paul said
in 1 Corinthians 13:13, “And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.” The Apostle John said in 1 John 4: 8, “Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.” Jesus has given us the new commandment to all of us. That is to love one another just as He has loved us! God gave us his only Son in order to express his love for us. He said in John 3:16, “For God so loved the  world, he gave his one and only Son . . .”

The Desert Shall Rejoice and Blossom

Today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent. On this Sunday, we lit the candles of Hope, Peace, and Joy. “They will rejoice!” This is the first word of Isaiah’s vision in today’s text. The title of my sermon is “The Desert shall rejoice and blossom!” Joy is one of the important emotions we experience. Are you happy? Are you joyful? Every year, we celebrate Christmas. And the spirit of Christmas is joy. Throughout the month of December, many people are joyful because of the Christmas trees/lights, carols/all sort of concerts and cantatas, buying and sending Christmas gifts/cards, candlelight services, and family dinners. During the season of Christmas, people are more cheerful and joyful whether they are Christians or not! The theme of joy pulses through Isaiah 35 from the first line, with its glad lands and blossom deserts, to the last, when the ransomed people come home singing.

The Root of Jesse

Traditionally, “Advent” has been a season of preparation and anticipation. On this 2nd Sunday of Advent, we lit the candles of hope and peace. I named today’s sermon title as “The Root of Jesse.” Don’t worry! I am not going to talk about the famous robber Jesse James. Father of King David also had same name, Jesse. The previous chapter, Isaiah 10 left with the idea of the LORD chopping down the proud as if they were mighty trees. Now, in today’s text, the LORD is looking over the stumps, and causes a new branch to grow out of one of them, the root of the family of Jesse, David’s father. Indeed, Jesus did come from the stump of Jesse. When Jesus came forth, it was like a new green Branch coming from an apparently dead stump.

Stop Day

At our Annual Clergy Gathering at Life Enrichment Center, Dr. Matthew Sleeth was a main guest speaker. His years of experience as an Emergency Room Physician in hospitals qualifies him as a veteran to talk about this topic in a culture of demanding overwork. We are living in a culture where single parent cannot afford to take one day of rest out of seven days. How about a college student who has a big exam on Monday, or a child facing a little league on Sunday? Taking one day off from our work or practicing Sabbath has become more difficult in today’s world that distracts and pressures us to work harder and longer. We live in the most fast-paced period of history. People literally fly from one continent to another on a same day. Dr. Sleeth wrote in his book, 24/6, “Look around. Thanks to ever-improving technology, we now feel the pressure to be “on” twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Sure, things like smart phones, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype help us stay connected with coworkers, family, and friends—but what about God? How can we possibly have “ears to hear” when we are plugged in 24/7? If we never take time to “be still and know” God, how can we grow into mature spiritual being? The solution is simple. And it is endorsed by the Great Physician himself. In fact, God himself invented it. It’s called rest. And like all other good things, rest is a gift from God. Rest doesn’t happen. It takes intention, commitment, and restraint. Yet rewards are indescribably amazing.”
This morning, I’d like share God’s message with you through a sermon entitled, “STOP DAY.” Through today’s message, I’d like to encourage you live a happier, healthier, and more God-centered life by living the lifestyle of 24/6.

Always Give Thanks

“If you give thanks when you wake up in the morning, you will be happy for the rest of the day. If you give thanks before you go to bed, you will sleep well. If you begin with thanksgiving on the first day of the New Year, the whole year will be different. Little Thanks begets Big Thanks. When we thank more, we will live a happier life!”
I am thankful for all of our volunteers who worked so hard for our Bazaar, Bake Sale, and Thrift Shop. I thank God for giving us nice weather. I thank God for our church members, Eagles Club, Lion’s Club, other Methodist Congregations and the Florida Conference who have supported our church. I thank God for my family and all my friends who love me and pray for me. Most of all, I thank God for the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Although I can go on and on if I try to mention all the things that I am grateful for, but I will stop here since we have a limited time.

I also want you to count your own blessings and give thanks to God, especially in this month of November. This morning, I’d like to share God’s message with you through a sermon entitled, “Always Give Thanks!” And we are going to explore the life of Daniel. I am sure that many of us heard the story of Daniel in the lion’s den before. As a matter of fact, there is a painting of Daniel taming the lions that hangs on the wall of many Sunday school classrooms. We learned how God saved Daniel from becoming the main course of at dinner in the lions’ den. But there are a lot more for us to learn from this story!

Be Strong In the Lord

On October 1, at least 58 people have died and 546 people have been injured at a country-music concert in Las Vegas, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. On Oct. 31, a driver drove a pickup truck down a crowded bike path along the Hudson River in Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring 11 before being shot by a police officer. Note found claims attack done for ISIS.
Last Sunday, there was another shooting incident at 1st Baptist Church, Sutherland Spiring, Taxas. A gun man killed 26 people and injured 20 more during their Sunday Worship Service. Devin Patrick Kelley had a troubled past and was prone to domestic violence, animal cruelty and mental health problem, according to public records and those who knew him. None of those facts will bring back the 25 people he killed, plus an unborn child.
Although we associate power with military might, political hand, financial pull, or at least physial strength, the power that the Bible tells of and promises is spiritual power. The world underestimates such power because they rather depend on the powers that are more tangible and visible. This morning, I’d like to share God’s message with you thorugh a sermon entitled, “Be Strong In the Lord.”

Let Your Light Shine!

Think of a flashlight without a battery vs. a flashlight with a battery; a microphone which is not connected to the source of power vs. a microphone which is connected to the source of power. Christian who maintains a close relationship with God shines their light vs. Christians who do not maintain a close relationship with God does not shine. This morning, I’d like to share God’s grace with you through a sermon entitled, “Let your light shine!”


Last Sunday, we learned about the Word of God. One of the many things the Word of God does is to lead people to be born again. Regardless his or her physical age, anyone who is born again is a new born baby. Any new born babies are expected to grow. There are many products that can help us to grow–fertilizers will help to grow flowers, vegetables and fruits. There are many hair products that will help to grow people’s hair. Milk and baby foods will help babies to grow physically. In today’s text, Peter introduces some of the ways we can grow spiritually. Our God expects all of his children to grow and become mature disciples of Jesus Christ, so I’d like to share God’s grace with you through a sermon entitled, “Grow.”