The Thursday morning Bible study will resume on September 6th at 9:30 a.m. in the Bayley Room.  We are currently studying the book of Matthew using William Barclay’s The Gospel of Matthew, Volume One.  We will restart with our attention on the Lord’s Prayer (Chapter 6).  Each week the class reads about twenty pages of the commentary with a reading guide that is provided. The class discusses the questions from the reading guide.  The class usually last about one hour, but could last a little longer, depending on the discussion.

All who are interested in studying the Bible are invited to join the class.  There are three books available, and more can be ordered.  If you want to do the reading before the first class, contact Pat Davis  and the book ($15) and reading guide will be provided.  If you prefer, join us for the discussion just to see what the class is like without the “homework.”