Methane is the second leading driver of global warming, yet companies like Chevron are doing little to reduce emissions.  

Join United Methodist Women by signing this letter today urging Chevron’s new CEO Michael Wirth to  cut methane emissions. We’ll deliver your letters to Chevron headquarters May 29, so we want to have as many letters possible signed before then.

Chevron Corporation is the second biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world since 1880. It one of the top 10 producers of natural gas globally, and its production is only increasing. In a 2017 special edition of “Disclosing the Facts” report about methane, Chevron substantially lagged behind its peers in efforts to reduce methane leaks and in its reporting of methane emissions. Many companies including ExxonMobil have voluntarily signed on to “Reducing Methane Emissions Across the Natural Gas Value Chain” guiding principles explicitly committing companies to reducing leaks across the supply chain, but Chevron has not signed on.

Tell Chevron to Plug the Leaks Now! Join United Methodist Women and sign your name to a letter to the new CEO of Chevron Mike Wirth, demanding that Chevron take important steps towards fixing their leaks, stopping new natural gas projects, and investing in renewable energy.