We are getting ready to celebrate the holy week, beginning with music program on Palm Sunday, Good Friday Service, and Easter Celebration. I thank you for joining me in these forty days of journey toward the cross and the resurrection. While we thank God for all these blessings, we still have challenges and goals. One of them is to raise building repair fund! I encourage all of you to do your best to help us meeting our goal. God has allowed us to serve our neighbors since May 28, 1961. For last 56 years, we have touched many lives that have lived in our community and in the world. We’d like to continue this legacy for many more years. In 2061, we will be able to celebrate 100th year anniversary of our church. That’s just 44 more years from now. I know it’s not going to happen without any efforts. As a matter of facts, many pastors and church members who had served our church in the past sacrificed their time, energy, talents, and finance to build and maintain all the buildings we are using right now. The men and women who have gone before us had to do garage sales and dinner sales in order to pay off all of their mortgages. Now it is our turn to take care of our church so that we can have a church to inherit to the next generation. When I heard that our church was selected as one of the Nehemiah Churches in our district, I was very discouraged since it meant that we were one of the declining churches that needed an extra attention! We were told to study 12 weeks Bible Study in order to discern the future of our church whether to continue our ministry or leaving a legacy closer. We have completed the twelve week and have just turned in our action plan to the district office. Our church leaders, myself and the coach sent from the district office have felt that we are still hopeful since we still have enough willingness, resources, and commitment to turn around our church. This process of Nehemiah Project has not finished yet since it takes two full years to complete this process. In the meantime, we continue to meet with other churches who are going through same process and the district coaches and superintendent. Our strategy is to do our ministry differently in order to bear more fruits in our missions and ministries.